Saturday, 30 November 2013

Head Over Heels

(Image via Net a Porter)

I fear I am at an age where if I try to wear certain things I will appear as if I am tragically trying to wrestle my youth from disappering through my fingers. While I am not ready to give up entirely on keeping up with that which is current there are limits.

And one of those limits is the big style of headphones. I am always slightly behind the curve on these things. When everyone else decided that ear buds where the only thing to be seen in while listening to your music (still on a Walkman in my case. Like I said, slightly behind the curve) I was still very happy with my headphones. Now of course, as is evidently the way of the world, ear buds are, like, so over and unwieldy great earmuff type headphones are all the rage. Oh my gosh, I actually just turned into my parents as I typed that. Shudder,

Fashion tart that I am of course I have a certain leaning towards keeping in with things. I don't want to be totally out of the loop. Until now though, I hadn't seen a pair of big headphones that wouldn't make me want to die of embarrasment for feeling like I was trying too hard. So thank you to Frends for this incredible white leather and rose gold metallic pair that are quite possibly the most beautiful pair I have ever seen.

Keeping my hand in while also looking chic and elegant. I'll have some of that.

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