Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Leather and Lace

Oh, I know, here I go banging on about my boot obsession again. And yes, I'm afraid you are quite right.

My lovely friend and loyal CONC reader Kirsty drew my attention to the pair of Clarks boots below and I have to say I really love them.

It is funny how you can go from fairly indifferent to rabidly excited at the click of a mouse, but it has now made me think of little other than lace up boots. In a fashion sense, at least. There are one or two other thoughts drifting around between the ears once in a while.

I was just reading an article about how the Steampunk look is forecast to become a major trend and I can definitely see the link with these be-laced boots. I had a pair of lace up boots when I was at school that had a distinctly Victorian school ma'am air about them. Boy do I wish that I had foreseen this moment and hung on to them because they are just what I want now.

I suppose that what they say is true, if you wait around long enough everything comes back into fashion. But if I hung onto everything I ever bought just in case I rather suspect my house would look like one of those lived in by an extreme hoarder. Or even more like one... and that just wouldn't do.

(Images via Clarks)

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