Wednesday, 10 November 2010

One Small Step For Man

I often think that for men to try to hard to look good is vain and unsexy. Unless it is for a formal look, suited and booted, or a DJ, but otherwise being understated is infinitely more appealing.

The opposite? Well, the look that is grossing me out most that men are sporting at the moment? That All Saints jeans and worker boots with a deconstructed jacket and chunky scarf look. (Shudder!)

Am I alone in this?

I don't want a man who is more interested in how they look than I am. Double standard, I know. And it isn't even that I don't like a man to be into fashion, or want to look good. But there is a fine line. And this look really crosses that line. By like a mile.

So if my opinion is of any value at all, put the worker boots down, or at the very least untuck your jeans from them, you are upsetting me.

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