Monday, 8 November 2010

Now is the Winter of Our Discontent

Wow, it got a bit brisk, didn't it? It was a bit of a surprise considering how mild it has been. I was in a lightweight jacket barely a week ago and now it is all storms and plunging temperatures.

(Via Whistles)

Did I tell you about my utterly hideous sartorial disaster from earlier this year? I was moving house and had things in plastic bags, with a pile to go to the doorstop charity collection. But somehow all my winter coats got into this pile and away they went never to be seen (by me) again. I was distraught. Particularly as one of them was an Aquascutum. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

So I bought one from COS to tide me over but as the cold weather closes in I think I need something a bit more heavy duty. But then also I walk to work so maybe I should hit up the more practical, outdoorsy, waterproof version.

(Via Cotswold Outdoor)

Which is infinitely more dull but then also probably infinitely more sensible... What to do?

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