Friday, 5 November 2010

Fight For Your Right to Party

(Via Net a Porter)

Net a Porter have kindly just sent me an email letting me know they have set up a "Party Boutique". Honestly, I'm sure not sure there are that many combinations of words that could set off a little trill of excitement in my chest in quite the same way. Superficial? Moi?

Coz me? I love a party dress. And in this, the run up to the party season, I love to trawl the shops in the hope that the most perfect dress exists out there.

Even though the reality is often that I have a problem with fit, things that fit at the hips gap at the top. Fits at the top? Cutting off circulation at the bottom.

And while the fifties look is in this season I don't necessarily want every dress I own to be fit and flare. It can be slightly limiting.

But despite the difficulties and inevitable struggles that lie in my path hope springs eternal and I will soldier on sure in the knowledge that this is a battle that can be won.

(Via Reiss)

And you never know, one of these Reiss dresses might just fit the bill. Here's hoping!

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