Thursday, 11 November 2010

Single White Female - Part 2

OK, so I have bought the boots.

(The first ones, if you want to know.

Hmmm, yes, I rather thought so!

Why, thank you!

Oh, well I'm sure you have great taste too!

You do?!

Well, isn't that just the most!)

Anyhoo, onto the next stage of my style-stalk...

The black handbag.

Now, I find this tricky as I often find black leather handbags look cheap even when they aren't. So often I like a texture. I have a black pony bag that is delightful but probably too ladylike for my current purposes.

Here are some options. Any thoughts?

Number 1:

Possibly too akin to a bowling bag...?

Number 2:

Loving the different textures, the shape and the zip. This might be the winner.

Number 3:

Too ladylike? Although I do like the shape.

Number 4:

Cheap looking?

(Via River Island)

Number 5:

I like the studs but the shape is inelegant. The zipped pockets add too much bulk.

Number 6:

Love the texture and the shape, but are the straps too long to hold it by?

(Via Topshop)

Number 7:

Love the texture but might be too classic and not edgy enough for my needs.

(Via Reiss)

Hmmm, going purely on internet pictures I think it might be number 2, although number 7 really appeals too and would last.

What a cliffhanger! How will you get through the night?! Which will she go for?!

Join me later for an update! Some CONC time, same CONC channel!

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