Monday, 15 November 2010

Blood, Sweat(er) and Tears

I love a sweater dress. Particularly now that it is getting so cold. Hmmm, doesn't it look cosy?

Obviously it would have to be belted, so it doesn't look too bulky.

This one is so adorable. With chunky boots and thick woolen tights.

Ooo! And I love the grey too. I feel I would have to be prepared to dole out cosy hugs in this. Well, wouldn't you?

OK, so this one is less sexy, but it is still pretty cool.

And they all look like dresses. Not sweaters. The clue is in the question, you know? Sweater dresses.

(Via River Island)

As in, they should actually be dresses, not just a long sweater like this one. But it hasn't stopped River Island suggesting you accessorize it with a pair of ankle boots and a bowler hat. Really? Are you quite sure?

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