Monday, 29 November 2010

Call of the Wilde

I was innocently leafing through Vanity Fair when I saw this lovely picture of Olivia Wilde. And now I have a craving for wedges. No, no, not the carby snack, if anything this picture makes me never want to look a potato in the face ever again. I mean the shoes. Aren't they a delight?

Of course winter is not really the time for a wedge. At least not a sandaled version. And I was only the other day sneering at some poor unfortunate for hobbling about in a pair with woolen socks underneath. And not in a "hey, I'm kooky" sandals and socks ting, more like a "I have been foolish in my footwear and I know it" vibe.

And yet here I am, a-craving.

This Carvela pair have a decadent twenties/thirties Caberet-esque feel. But have you seen that heel. Flat, safe surfaces only for sure.

(Via Kurt Geiger)

This picture of Olivia from Vanity Fair is also delightful. Loving the red wide-leg onesie.

(Via Vanity Fair)

Except, is that a wire waste paper basket in the pool with her? How quaint.

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