Wednesday, 18 August 2010

This post is brought to you by the colon. As in : not the one that gets irrigated. Thank you.

Apols for the tardy response.  When I Google Imaged for Tyra Banks smizing on Friday, the picture I uploaded came complete with it's very own virus.  Tyra is therefore responsible for the complete meltdown of my PC.  Thanks Tyra, I'm not smizing right now lemme tell you.  Anyway, IT have sorted it out.  There was much sucking in of air through teeth and they had to delete my profile.  I WAS DELETED!  I took the rest of yesterday afternoon to have an existential crisis, but I'm back now.

If you turn round FASTFASTFAST when walking along the street and find you have become a Pied Piper followed by gaggles of tweeny girls it might be time to get a fringe trim doll face.  Or get yourself a t-shirt emblazoned with this helpful public service announcement:

And as for the house hunt...if the flatmates look like this:

run away.  It will only end in tears.

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