Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mind the Gap

(Via Hobbs)

I am very close to the opinion that the platform is dead. I'm sure it will have a glorious resurrection some time in the future, but for now the powers that be have condemned it to death.

It is probably no bad thing for the collective ankles of female Britain, only yesterday I saw a lady's ankle do such crazy gymnastic bending I actually stopped in the street and winced. Which I don't think made said lady feel too much better about her predicament.

Isn't it funny how a trend can be THE THING one minute and then utterly old hat the next? I was reading in Grazia yesterday that if your clothes are unfashionable (even if they are classic, expensive and fit you well) that you are perceived as being hopelessly out of touch.

And I really feel that way about the platfom (and, to a lesser extent, a rounded toe) and when I saw this pair by Hobbs yesterday, even though they appeared quite charming, the thought of sticking my hoof in a great clodhopper like this rather than an elegant pointy court is utterly abhorrent to me.

The platform is dead! Long live the lady like shoe!

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