Thursday, 12 August 2010

Flat Out

(Via Net a Porter)

I suspect I am not alone in spending considerably more money on shoes for best than shoes for every day. So while I have numerous pairs of very high heels that I teeter about in once in a while for a few hours, when it comes to a practical, smart shoe I not only have very little to show I also tend to spend very little money on them.

I suppose I should find it shocking that £180 on a pair of ponyskin six inch platform ankle boots doesn't make me raise an eyebrow yet I am horrified at the prospect of parting with more than about £50 for a flat that I will wear significantly more often.

So, finally, I have decided to address the imbalance. I have found a pair in R&B that are quite grown up without being fusty, suede rather than patent leather, because heaven knows that no grown woman actually wants to be wearing shoes that shiny, and with some serious hardware on them. They look comfortable. Like they will last more than about three months. Like a suitable shoe for a 31 year old with a proper job. And yet they are £165. And there is something just sticking in my throat about that. But the same amount for a heel so high I will only be able to comfortably wear it for about three minutes while being escorted down stairs by a burly companion a la Gwynnie and will only get an outing for a wedding and occasional party? Well, that seems entirely reasonable...

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