Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Go On My (William)Son!

I don't trouble myself too much considering men's fashion. I am quick to admit if a man looks good and probably even quicker to criticise if he doesn't. But ask me to pinpoint what makes a dapper outfit or to advise a man on what to wear and I would find myself at a loss.

I have discovered, however, that an essential element of looking good has absolutely nothing to do with clothing or style at all. It has to do with personality. And if you behave like an arrogant, mouthy barrow boy any sartorial points you might have earned mean absolutely nothing. Particularly if the outfit you are wearing (in this case a striped blazer that wouldn't have looked out of place on a chap punting down the Cam) needs a good dash of tongue in cheek and a dollop of charm not to look incredibly pretentious.

Oh, and a word in your ear... If said blazer is Matthew Williamson for H&M it's still H&M. Not Matthew Williamson.

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