Friday, 20 August 2010

The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

You know me, I am not a girl who is afraid of colour. But I might be afraid of camel. I once met a girl who only wore black, denim and neutrals (white, grey, camel) so that all her clothes coordinated. This disturbed me. Particularly as she was about 21 at the time. Honestly, if there is a time that requires a distinct lack of coordination then it has to be 21, wouldn't you agree?

And while I can recognise its value, it is very chic and classic, I grant you, I have never been that inclined to exhibit it about my person.

Until now.

Until Chloe.

I just think it looks so awesome. So grown up but not dowdy. Teenage girls won't be rocking camel like this.

But colouring wise I think it might just be beyond me. I am very pale, I have blonde hair, I think I might be beaten by camel.

Maybe a coat could be the way...?


This one from Aquascutum makes me feel a bit gooey inside. Maybe it is just because of my own Aquascutum disaster (more of this later) that I am craving a replacement but a full length camel coat just seems like the very, very height. But only if it makes me appear more attractive than an actual camel.

Know what I mean?

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