Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Let the Cat Out of the Bag

This is going to be a bag post. It is going to be made up of various bag-based anecdotes. Just to let you know...

Bag-based anecdote #1:

My lovely brown leather Russell & Bromley bag, you know, potentially-the-best-bag-ever-made? It broke. A very small metal pin has given way after many years of hard labour and so the leather handle is no longer attached to the rest of the bag. This makes it somewhat difficult to hang over my shoulder. And my heart bleeds.

Bag-based anecdote #2:

My lovely cotton Alphabet Bags cotton tote (with, imaginatively, an 'L' on it) is not taking the strain particularly well. It is mostly good for looking pretty while not overly stuffed but is now fraying wildly with the added pressure.

Bag-based anecdote #3:

I am working part time and don't have the sufficient funds to fritter away on a new baggage.

Bag-based anecdote #4:

My brand new housemate, of about two days, gave me two handbags last night. She was having a clear out and was going to throw them away. It was an extremely fortuitous event.

Bag-based anecdote #5:

Despite this extremely valid excuse to put aside my thoughts of buying a new handbag, as the necessity has been somewhat diminished, I saw this

(Via Net a Porter)

which is Marc by Marc Jacobs, and has teased my lust receptors into wanting it for my own. Annoyingly it is also painfully close to demanding a reasonable number of readies, which makes it so much harder to ignore.

And this

a Mulberry Bayswater, a bag that has never called my name Siren-like and with infinite allure. But now that it has a subtle leopard print? Oh yes! I want it bad! (Oops, I accidentally typed "I want it bag". How very apropos!) But it is less of a bargain and so poses little risk to my bank balance, just my heart.


Well anyway, there we go. Bags, huh? Can't live with 'em, can't carry all your stuff in your hands... Or something.

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