Friday 5 December 2014

Fur Real?

(Image via Harvey Nichols)

So it is that time of year again, when my thoughts turn to spending a lot of money on a dress that I might only wear once. Yup, it is Christmas time, and more specifically Christmas party time. I have two work Christmas dos this year. One is casual and starts with some ice skating so I will be going for cosy chic and the other I suspect will be a bit more dressy. It is at our offices in Lytham, near Blackpool so I'm guessing, and I might be way off mark, but I'm guessing that they might go all out. I think there might be some DRESSES, do you know what I mean? I think there might be more than the odd sequin in town. I mean we will be practically within spitting distance of the Tower Ballroom and if there is one thing that Blackpool loves more than a donkey ride and a drunken stag vomiting on the promenade it has got to be a sequin.

Of course I am a contrary beast. I always crave being out of kilter with the general flow, I like to swim against the current. So while I might tend to be over dressed most of the time when a dress code requests you go all out that is the point I tend to hang back,  to want to be a bit more nonchalant, a bit more, you know, Parisienne. I want to look as though I am not trying too hard.

So while I was looking at delightful black sequin dresses in All Saints

(Image via All Saints)

and LK Bennett,

Velli Sequin Dress
(Image via LK Bennett)

with maybe a loose fitting tuxedo jacket thrown over the top, what I am actually more drawn to is a black trouser, flashing just the right amount of ankle, a short sleeved top of some kind (maybe white lace) and a really shit hot pair of shoes.

I was drawn to something similar to these

(Image via Telegraph Fashion)
which I think are awfully sexy. But I while looking for something similar I fear I have lost my heart to the Sophia Webster pair at the top. Aren't they to die? I truly would feel like the silliest and sexiest girl in all the land. Sequins be damned!

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