Sunday 2 February 2014

Get Your Skates On


Certain trends seem to appear fully formed, then there are stealthy trends that creep up on you slowly, and finally there are trends that morph from one thing to another.

I would put the skate shoe trend in that last bracket. Now, 18 month or so ago, I would have put the skate trainer very much out of my field of interest. I would have put it in the field of interest, would you Adam and Eve it, of the average teenage skater girl. A group I most certainly don't fall into.

 Common Projects

Then there came the Celine take on the look and my interest was piqued but not so much for my purse to yield its hard earned.

As time has passed, as fashion is want to do, it has filtered down to the high street (and across to other designers), and I am getting increasingly intrigued by them. They feel decidedly more appropriate for adult types.

I was about to dip into the trainer trend with a pair of Nike Air Max, but I might go skate shoe instead. Worn with a smart coat and tailored trousers it (ahem) skates the line of fashion and practicality and I like that.

 Mother of Pearl

Plus with the Clarks pair (not in the shops quite yet) going for 40 knicker they pretty much hit my financial sweet spot too.

 Mother of Pearl

What do you think? Are you tempted by the trend?


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