Monday, 12 December 2011

You Little Sneak!

I have long since loved the hidden wedge Isabel Marant high top. But much as I love them I'm not going to shell out a fortune for them so what are my options?

Shrug my shoulders, adopt a wry look and say "Ah well, it wasn't to be"? Or try to find a cheaper alternative.

Like these by Ash.
These are kinda cute, right? I mean not in the same league but nice enough. I particularly like the white and silver pair. But think about this, woman. I live in dresses. Where exactly would a pair of blinding white trainers fit into your wardrobe.

(Images via Shopstyle, Ash)

Answer: Precisely nowhere.

Solution: Just get over it.

Hmmm, if only it were that easy. Harrumph.

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