Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Cut Above

What sort of evil hold does America's Next Top Model have over me? I seem incapable of seeing in on the schedule without watching it.

And last night I really could have done with going to sleep instead, but it was a double bill of the final two episodes, so I couldn't say no.

And if for nothing else I am glad I did for this haircut.

The winner, Brittani, had a Natalie Portman in Leon/Clara Bow style 20s fringed bob for the whole series but then had it cropped for the final panel and it made me swoon. This truly is the greatest haircut in my mind. And if I was less of a moon face I would always like to have mine cut like that.

And I love the colour. I don't think that I would go quite as dark, but it does make me think about going a slightly darker brown. Then add in the pink satin and the red pout and honestly, I could die.


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