Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Drop in the Ocean

So of course everyone is talking about Baz Lurhaman's remake of The Great Gatsby. I'm pretty excited about it. And these pictures of Carey Mulligan are just lovely. I think she will make a great Daisy.

And the dresses...

The Twenties style is always a winner. It is finding its way on to the catwalks and high street already. But that is where my problems start.

Not that these dresses aren't lovely. They are. Beautiful shapes. Beading and adornments.

And (dur, dur, durrrr!) the drop waist! Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!

If there were ever a dress shape that was designed to make a curvy girl blanch it is the drop waist.

In the Twenties the aim was to look boyish. You wanted a straight up and down figure and women would bind their breasts to achieve it. Now, I'll do a lot for my love of fashion, but in the words of the Meatloaf, I won't do that. So, sadly, this will have to be a trend that I merely appreciate from afar.

(Images via Daily Telegraph)

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