Thursday, 15 December 2011

In the Swim

I am a girl who does whatever she can to avoid getting into a swimsuit. I can just about bear it when I go for a swim at the gym but really that's wear I draw the line.

And a bikini is just not something that happens. Ever.

Even when I was in Bali I wore shorts over my swimmers. And generally I avoid beach holidays. I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't like spending their holiday relaxing on a beach or by a pool. Please don't judge me.

So when one of my closest friends told me she was getting married I squealed with joy.

And when she told me she was having her bachelorette in Vegas (American girls don't know what the hell a hen do is) I got excited.

But when she uttered the words "I just want to hang out by the pool with my girlfriends" my heart sank.

Oh dear lord. In late April I am going to have to be in a fit physical state to get myself into a swimsuit.

So that's enough time, right? If I start now and forget about eating anything too naughty over Christmas (which I fear might not happen).

I don't need to be a stick or anything, but just quite a lot less jiggly. It doesn't help that I am the colour of skimmed milk.

But if I manage it I think I might treat myself to a lovely swimsuit (I can't even think of a bikini). And hopefully that will provide some inspiration too.

(Images via Net a Porter)

Wish me luck. Eeek!

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Anya said...

i know how you feel; every winter i put on 5-20 lbs and it drives me nuts, especially when spring comes and i have to shed layers of clothes. i eat clean and exercize the rest of the year, but when winter comes, i choose practicality over fashion and hide under sweaters, hence the weight gain.

i think you can tone up in time for April, you just have to find motivation. you should check, they have great exercises and it only takes 15 minutes daily (: