Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Top of the Pops

And if I am going to be wearing trousers more often I'll just have to have more tops. Obviously.

Nothing too tight or to garish.

That I can look smart enough in but that are also comfortable.

And nothing too fitted.

These are some of my thoughts.

This could work, right?

(Images via Asos, Topshop)


hayley@project74 said...

Hello, me again. That Ceylon blue one is phenom. Buy it. Do not wear it with a little hat perched on your head, but buy it it's lovely. And remember that the one time I saw you in a trouser I thought you looked knock out so I think this is something to be embraced. Could you sport a little satchel for your file carrying? I mean, where there's an opportunity accessorize. You want your files people on another floor? Bam! THERE'S your files.

Lucinda said...

Ha! I promise, no hat. I think I'm already seen as a fashion renegade at my work, so that would really mess with their minds.

So, that one time that I wore trousers didn't get overlooked, huh? I will persevere then, because at the moment it seems like an impossible task.

And as to accessorizing, anything that results in "Bam! THERE'S your files" is something worth trying out in my book! Thanks for your thoughts my sweet.