Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Umbrella, Ella, Ella

God, I hate that song. I just don't see any merit in it. And it isn't helped by the fact that I play it in my head every time I think about umbrellas. (Much in the same way as I sang Do You Know the Way to San Jose every time someone mentioned it when I lived in California. I always found it funny but I think those around me quickly tired.)

(Image via Marks and Spencer)

And then, of course, there are the connotations of crap weather associated with the poor umbrella, which must make it an object of hate even more. So I really think this bad boy from M&S might provide some good PR. I love it. Great bright colours and graphic prints. I would almost look forward to it raining. Which, considering the weather right now, is almost miraculous.

The only negative? I really hate the handle. It looks like a ridiculously ornate light pull. But take that away and I think this might just be the perfect umbrella, ella, ella (Sorry, I can't help it...)

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