Monday, 15 August 2011

A Nest of Vipers

I have slowly come round to animal print. Specifically the leopard. Now I'm truly a convert.

In moderation.

You know, a scarf. A cardigan. Not really all over. (Although I do have that fabulous bright purple one shouldered number that I love.)


But snakeskin? I'm not quite sure. In a shoe? Yes, it can be lovely. But on an item of clothing? All over? That just seems a bit much to me. But these Chloe dresses are heaven. With that 70s vibe it doesn't seem trashy at all. In fact I think I quite like it.

(Via Whistles)

And it even exists in real life! Wa-hey! Whistles have this "viper" print (the name alone gives me chills) which is super cute. But with the shape it is really only suitable for work, but could you actually wear it for work? Is the working world ready for all out viperdom? I do hope so, because I am.

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