Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Copp-o-load of This!

Now there've been some weddings this year. The D of C, Zara, erm... some other royals, Kim Kardashian, Petra Ecclestone...

But the best dress? Hmmm. Now you know I loved the D of C's. Loved it. But it is no longer the winner. And while Petra Ecclestone's reportedly cost £130,000, it didn't get my vote either.

So whose? Whose?! I hear you yell. Well, I'll put you out of misery, because I'm sure you Just. Can't. Guess.

Uh-huh, Sofia Coppola's. Obviously. She's just the coolest bride that I've seen in pretty much forever. Seriously, look at her. That skirt it is just so swooshy and marvellous. I want it.

And then she changed into a lovely red frock. Understated, elegant.

(Via Grazia)

And just so pretty and happy. What more could any bride ask for? Except having Alaia on speed dial to whip up a frock for you. Lucky girl.

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