Monday, 15 August 2011

Touch Base

I once saw Nicole Farhi and David Hare in a restaurant. I was beside myself with excitement but I don't think anyone else really noticed (even with her magnificent mane of hair) and I'm sure they quite preferred it that way.

But anecdotes aside, I am once again excited by Ms Farhi. Have you seen the interesting textures at work for her a/w? This red skirt almost seems to have been fashioned from bright red boiled sweets melted together haphazardly, or some kind of lava, set (most conveniently) in a delightful skirt shape.

I'm not quite sure how they have been achieved or what they are made out of. But I know I like it.

It's so rare to see something so completely new and unexpected.

Particularly from a designer who produces clothes that, while beautiful, are more often characterised by being grown up and wearable than being revolutionary.

And I have to say I am quite won over by it.


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