Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tickled Pink

I can't hide it any longer. I am lusting after pink hair.

Which is surprising, as I had pink hair in my final year at university (AKA, get all your fashion crazy over with in case you have to have a proper job). I loved it. Until some little scroats on my east end housing estate started singing Get the Party Started behind me one day. These were the days before they were full of hipsters and the locals got used to the weirdly dressed. I didn't have the nerve to point out that Pink didn't actually have pink hair in that video. I wasn't convinced they would be swayed by my pedantry.

Sadly the experience persuaded me to dye it black instead.

But I really love these candy colours. Particularly the softer shades. Mine was shockingly fuschia which I probably wouldn't recommend for myself nowadays.

I even quite like Katy Perry's pink/purple thing. Particularly with the very grown-up glamourous hairstyle. This isn't something that I am going to say (write?) too often, so pay attention - I think she looks awesome. Well. Neck up, anyway.

And the super pale pink that Ellie Goulding is experimenting with is almost practical for those with jobs outside the public eye.

Britain (and Ireland's) Next Top Model is in on the act (of course I watch it! Pretty girls, fashion and bitching. It's like televisual catnip for me.), and on the meanest girl of the bunch. Love it!

(Images via Daily Telegraph, Go Fug Yourself and Style.com)

So while a 32 year old woman who works in finance should almost certainly not be entertaining thoughts of having pink hair, secretly I'm dye-ing to do it. (Fnarr, fnarr!)

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