Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Gut Instinct

So, support clothing for men...? Or compression wear as Equmen are calling it.

In their words:

EQUMEN enables men of the world to be at their best. Using the latest high performance athletic technologies, our precision-fit seamless compression wear is engineered to optimise and energise the body, from street to sport, work to weekend.
Designed with physiotherapy and ergonomic insights, EQUMEN products immediately improve health, well-being and visible appearance. It's about looking sharp and living smart. Every man, every day, every wear.

(Images via Equmen)

Sounds a bit more serious than the label they've been landed with - Manx ie. Spanx for men.

Now every article I have read about what women's views are on them is that they'd rather have a bit of a fatty than a vain idiot who wants to squeeze his love handles up into his arm pits.

Admittedly that might well be what men think about the women's version. But as a proud (OK, that might be stretching the truth a bit), so let's just leave it at this - as an owner of a pair of Spanx I really don't want to get into that discussion.

But beyond being on one side or the other on the compression debate I feel bad for the lovely people of the Isle of Man. Their proud Manx heritage being confused with suck-in-your-gut pants for dudes. It's not a great association, is it?

So for any Manxmen reading this, take a few deep breaths, look at these lovely pictures of where you live and everything will be ok. Promise.

(Images via Defined Light)

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