Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Learning Curve

I'm generally not too sure how I feel about a curved heel. For the most part I think it is old fashioned. I love the Alexandre Birman above. Except not so much the heel.

But good old Miuccia Prada might sway me.

Because I am really charmed by the heel shape of the new Miu Miu collection.

Mostly because the heel curves out instead of in. And it's chunky. It's not trying to be pretty and delicate. It marvellously combines a retro feel with something very modern.

(Images via Shoerazzi and Net a Porter)

I am particularly hot under the collar for these with the bow on the side. Swit, swoo!

Plus, I reckon I'd manage not to fall over in them. And that's always got to be a good thing.

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