Monday, 18 July 2011

Mul(berry) it Over

I have to admit I have had better times. There is not much in my life to make me smile right now. So my main dilemma is whether to wallow or whether to attempt to make myself feel better by spending a stupid amount of money on a new item. Generally thinking shoes or bag. I am a girl, after all.

So in Harvey Nicks yesterday I spotted this Mulberry bag and my heart quivered ever so slightly.

But then the assistant said that it was the one that the D of C took to Canada and that made me pause. Well, that and the £870 price tag, let's be honest.

Everything else she has worn that was then in huge demand has been tainted by the association. Not that she looks bad, or the items aren't nice, but just that they are so massively in the public glare that you couldn't wear them without thinking of what she looked like in it, and looking as though you stole the idea from her and are a style stalker. And let's be honest, that visual comparison ain't gonna be favourable for me, in clothes at least.

The bag though seemed to garner less attention. And it is classic. I much prefer navy to black, it looks so much classier, and the brown across body strap is a nice touch that would look great over my camel and navy winter coats. I think I like it. What say you?

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