Friday, 1 July 2011

Living the Dream

(Via Guardian)

I had a dream last night that Anna Wintour took me shopping. It was awesome. I wish it was real.

Everyone around me was saying that whatever happened I had to make sure I bought whatever Anna told me to buy. As if it was of the utmost importance. You know, like it was more than just about a cute outfit, but that somehow it would be the key to a whole new life and pleasure that I could not imagine.

So I'm somewhat vexed that it was only a dream, because all the things she told me to buy don't actually exist. Gah! Because, Anna, I'd totally buy them if I could, especially the loveliest ring that you showed me, please still let me into your club of fabulousness.

Man I was disappointed when I woke up. It was like when you were a little kid and you get rudely awakened from a great dream and you are convinced that if you can just fall asleep again then you'll get right back in it. Didn't happen then. Doesn't happen now. Hurumph!

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