Friday, 29 July 2011

No Cam Do

I read an article recently with Camille Bidault Waddington, the stylist, where she said the the least fashionable thing she wore was Uggs and how much she loved them and that people who were snobby about them were masochistic fools.

(Via Uggs Australia)

Hurumpf. Well, be that as it may... I have made my position very clear when it comes to the Ugg, and there can be no backing down. Ever.

But I see her point. When it is cold what could be more alluring than the thought of sinking your feet into a shearling boot?

So, instead of having to do the hugest backtrack in the history of all the world, I have decided to look at boots that have a similarity, but are not Uggs, or Kiwi Boots or whatever they're called, or any other copy cat alternative.

But what about the Quoddy boot?

Wouldn't they be warm and lovely? And would almost work with dresses. But are they significanlty different from the Ugg? Could I get away with them and not be laughed out of town by all those who have heard me go off on one a million times about how much I hate Uggs and how my feet will never be encased in them, and that I will never make that hateful dragging, schlepping sound that marks out the inflicted as they drag their sorry feet around?

(Via Net a Porter)

Am I taking this too seriously? Should I just say, hey, you know what? I like them, and to hell with what you all think?

I mean, in the nicest possible way, of course...!

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