Monday, 25 July 2011

Date Night

OK, so I know you are on the edge of your collective seat, waiting to hear about how my date went. So I'll relieve you of all your built up tensions, and let you know that it went horribly. He was unattractive, boring and there were some bodily function issues that I just couldn't overlook. (Not as bad as you might be thinking, but not totally innocuous either. I can't go into details because it makes me want to gag slightly.)

It did make me wonder how I had been interested after the first date so I have decided to chalk it up to:

a) relief that he wasn't a total freak

b) I did most of the talking, and I always have a good time when I'm doing that, my voice does have such a lovely ring to it!

c) I got shitfaced

d) my expectations were low

e) I'd just spent a lovely and obviously slightly illegal weekend, emotionally speaking, with my ex, where I had tried to give it one last shot to be with the man I really want to be with but to no avail. So I went into the date not really caring about it other than as a distraction

And now, after this disaster, I am putting dating very definitely on the back burner. Which means that I can start rocking some extreme looks, the kind of things that boys don't like. And so I am going to worship at the alter of The Man Repeller and take some inspiration of the kind of styles pictured here. I'm going to think about pleasing myself (fashion-wise) rather than trying to lure in boys with bland and pretty.

(Via The Man Repeller)

She has even put together some looks for first dates, with the subtext of: getting him ready for what's in store. Ha! I love that. It is the opposite of what I have been attempting, you know, the "don't wear anything fashiony and scare him off" when my attitude used to be this is me, like it or lump it, and criticize my outfit at your own peril. Which I much preferred.

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