Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Blessing in Disguise

The Lucy in Disguise shop is near where I work. You know, the shop that Lily Allen and her sister set up. I've never been in, but a friend of mine mentioned it recently and I thought I would have a look.

And the thing is, I'm not sure I get it. Is it vintage? Or is it new run ups of vintage designs?

Having a quick squizz on their website I think it might be both. There seem to be a couple of very expensive items which I can only assume are the real deal, and then others which are available in a variety of sizes which must be the copies.

(Via Lucy in Disguise)

I have nothing against the copies, if that is what they are. I think this dress is beautiful.

The whole vintage-look but new idea seems to be taking off. A very talented ex-colleague of mine is rocking it with her company Silk and Sawdust, which has some very lovely pieces.

But I do wish Lucy in Disguise would make it a bit clearer, what they are doing, because I do feel ever so slightly confused. Am I alone?

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