Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Green Day

(Via Style)

Green is not a colour that I spend too much time worrying over. It is pretty, but it isn't super common for clothes. Although I did once own a bottle green M&S men's cardy that I adored and wore to death until it was basically all holes. Which, of course, made it all the cooler because it was when grunge was in fashion and what teenage girl wouldn't salivate over baggy, scruffy clothes that you could smuggle yourself away in far from prying eyes?

But with the little dribble of a/w that is starting to come in to the shops I have been spotting green and I think I might quite like it. Particularly for knitwear.

Although with the Ralph Lauren dress above being as gorgeous as it is, maybe evening wear too. It's a beautiful colour, but it knows it, it can hang back, wait to be noticed, not like those exibitionists like pink that are shouting for your attention before you've even walked in the door. It is a bit more subtle and sophisticated and grown up, wouldn't you agree?

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