Thursday, 5 November 2009

Waist Of Time

(Image via The Sartorialist)

Well first of all, let me congratulate you on the nice use of a cedilla there Kerr. I am always unsure how to go about getting one of those, or say a grave or even an acute. Fortunately the only French I regularly use is 'PrĂȘt' (as in A Manger) when I am discussing lunch options with E and outlook understands that and sorts the accent out for me all by itself. Nifty!

I digress. Second of all what's all this talk of waistcoats generally being rubbish? Errrrr, have you got amnesia or is there something you're trying to tell me missy? There was I - for most of the summer - in a black or white waistcoat with my billowy trousers and converse. I thought I was being all Katherine Hepburn but, perhaps...not so much. Oh!

So I obviously like a waistcoat although I do draw the line at jaunty ones (please see above).  I like this one too, it's a nice shape and it's a nice colour although without sounding too much like my's AWFULLY thin isn't it? What is it made from? Something cheap and prone to static I imagine.

I'll address the shoe whilst I'm here. It makes me feel funny. It's the elastic! And the colour! And like, the overall design of the entire thing! No!

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