Friday, 6 November 2009


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I love Ben Fogle too! In fact I adore him! He is the proof that sincere niceness doesn't always go in hand with dullness, and that makes me happy.

Although having spent some time on his lovely website I am also terribly, terribly jealous. Man, he has done some stuff! You know? He has been some places and seen some things.

But if I carry on at the rate that I am currently going then I might just catch him up in ten to twenty years... I'll certainly give it a damn good go. Maybe I should try and get on tv too, to fund my adventures. I'm charming, right? Right?!

Anyway, this is really just an excuse to post another picture of the delightful boy on a rocky outcrop. And to say I honestly couldn't be more flattered to be put (even in the vaguest way) in the same group as Mr. Fogle, as people who, like, do stuff!

So in honour of that I will shamelessly, if not brazenly, buy some Oakleys and wear them with pride. So there!

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