Thursday, 5 November 2009

Here Comes the Sun

It is only six short weeks until I jet off to the Himalaya and I find myself in a quandary. I am going to need a pair of prescription sunglasses. What with all the glare of sun hitting snow and what not, I will be quite, quite blind without them. In Peru I just wore regular sunnies with my contact lenses. But I caused some concern thanks to the double vision I developed that was a suspected problem with my brain but was actually just my contact lenses playing up. I think I need to avoid that. So prescription goggles it must be.

Now here the problem lies. If I were to buy any pair of sunglasses they would inevitably be a totally impractical, take-up-a-third-of-my-face pair. But what with the fetching hat and hood that I will undoubtedly be wearing I need something a bit more... well, useful.

I know! Horrors!

But I will tell you what is worse. My thoughts have drifted in the direction of a sports sunglass. You are wincing already, aren't you? Because you know what is coming. And darling, honestly, I wish I could soften the blow. But I can't. Because I really am thinking about (whisper it!) Oakleys.

Now, I don't know if you have ever had the pleasure of hearing me go off on one about how much I hate Oakleys and how I would basically cease to converse, nay, breath the same air, as someone who owned a pair? No? Count yourself lucky! I can imagine not a few people of my acquaintance who would be rolling their eyes resignedly if they read this. But to get down to it, I hold them in equal regard to Uggs, Crocs and Next. Yup, you get the picture, and it ain't pretty.

But my argument has been weakened in a couple of ways. One was that I fell for a boy who favoured them and I didn't even bat and eyelid about the fact that he wore a pair, on a string for God's sake!

The second is that I think these two pairs are actually quite attractive.

(Images via Vision Express)

Would it be hypocrisy of the very worst kind if I bought some?

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