Thursday, 19 November 2009

Trail Blazer

(Via Marie Claire*)

NO! You're still waiting for that? That's just too much! Yowza.

Yes! Get that bad boy out again. I love that dress! And yes to the boot, how I love that boot. Bravo bravo, j'adore!

Now I know what you mean about the boyfriend. Here is Billie Piper wearing a successful one and looking marvelous. (Talking of Billie, have you seen that Belle du Jour reveeeealed herself this week? The papers are full of it! Does anyone even care? Larks! Leave it people. Katie Price is back in the jungle, THAT'S where our attention needs to be focused! I don't have time for ex high end call girl authors right now. I'm busy trying to work out of it's the cheek fillers, the lips or the eyebrows that are the problem.)

All too often a boyfriend can go wrong though. I mean....such is life, you know? I am a fan of pincering at the back to nip in a bit, but as you HAVE an actual waist I'm not sure that you would really need to do that. I think keep looking. But if you don't find anything will it matter? I know that you'll be lovely and warm from doing the running man on the dance floor after your first sniff of

* I love this bag. It makes me feel sick akshully. I'm sure my life would be better, my hair more bouncy and full of volume and my skin more dewy if I were able to run around town with this slung over my shoulder. It's a 'price on application' Cavalli. Sob!

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