Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My Morning Jacket

Well, you know the thing with the sequin skirt, yeah? And how you told me I must buy it, yeah? You know, the one from La Redoute, yeah? This one?


Well, it was a fiasco. What with the irrepressible influence of Grazia and La Redoute's unpreparedness the skirt that I ordered a few weeks ago has not even been dispatched yet.

And of course in the meantime I have gone off the idea of it somewhat.

So I need a plan B for the old fiesta del crimble.

And in these times of crunch I thought, what the Dickens! Why not wear something I already own. Yes! Quaint, I know.

And if there is one item of clothing in my groaning wardrobe that cries out for another outing it is my silk one shouldered leopard print Studio 54 dancing dress.


I thought I could rock it out with these:

And some sort of blazer.

Such as this one:

Or this one:

(Images via Whistles)

But you know boyfriend blazers? Yeah? Do you know why they are called boyfriend blazers? Because they don't know how to deal with curves. Not that I'm suggesting that boyfriends don't (although I have encountered some who don't but their experience as boyfriends was probably fairly limited), but clothes made for boyfriends certainly don't. Sorry, am I rambling...? Basically I tried one on recently and it was terribly shapeless, which if you also have no shape probably hangs delightfully, but for me it looked, from behind, rather like two energetic puppies wriggling about in a black sack.

So I am not entirely sure, but I think a fitted or short jacket would be all wrong. Can you shed any light on my quandary? Too kind!

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