Friday, 20 November 2009

Just One Coat

Via Olsen Anonymous

How ruuuuude of me!  I didn't respond to your leopard coat post.  I did mentally.  As I read it I was like, 'Aha, yeah I reckon it's a go-er.  Ooh yes, that one is nice akshully' etc etc but I saw this picture and I realised that I hadn't passed that thought process on via the gift of the C.O.N.C.  So yes!  I think you would look great in one!  Do it!

I love a leopard coat.  I try them on all the time but they don't look right.  I think it's because of my hair and the full-eye-at-all-times approach I take to life.  You see, you posted Ashley looking lovely in that coat and now MK has nabbed it, (which Ashley looks a bit pised about if I'm not wrong?) and she's not working it quite so well is she?  I think it's because she also appears to have borrowed one of Shaun Ryder's hats for the occasion.

Hey ho, either way it just goes to prove that they work for some and not for others.  Even if you are like, almost the same person.  Hmmm.  I'm going to move on, but yeah get one, cute!

One more thing: I very much like Ashely's jewelled slippers.  Sinderella eat your heart out.

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