Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Audiere Bullies

What are your thoughts on minaudieres? You know, the hard jewelled clutches. The ones that Judith Leiber makes.

Like this:

I think they are utterly hideous. Particularly because it is an incredibly expensive way to appear kooky. Whereas I think they just make you look as though you have more money than sense and absolutely no taste:

A case in point.

Or here:

Honestly, Marc Anthony's face says it all. Hid. E. Ous. No?

And yet, and yet... While scanning about vaguely for a cute clutch I found this from Reiss.

And I adore it. It is so delightfully useless.

Or there is a slightly more reasonably priced one from Accessorize (which is obviously not as nice).

Would you avoid me at a party if I had one of these in my paw?

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