Thursday, 15 March 2012

Two Tone

As I recall I was a little bit scathing about the Breton stripe last year.

I suggested that I was over it. That it was passé. Summer dressing by numbers with little imagination.

But I would like to come grovelling back. Because really, what could be more perfect, more wearable for a spring or summer's day?

I might be helped to this opinion by the fact that my Gap Breton stripe is starting to show the less attractive signs of being well loved and the thought of being without fills me with utter dread.

Plus I am out of Islington now. Spiritual home to the Breton, trench, jean and sandal. So it hopefully won't feel quite so overplayed here.

But even if it is, I will just have to shake my head and say well, it's obviously going to be popular because it is just so wonderful.

(Images via Jigsaw, Reiss, Whsitles)

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