Monday, 26 March 2012

Cold Comfort

It wasn't that long ago that the thought of comfortable shoes made me shudder. But I have come to the point where I have to admit defeat and say that when I buy shoes the comfort factor makes up any important part of the appeal.
Particularly when it comes to a shoe that will be worn for extended pedestrian jaunts in a warm country. You know, like when you are on holiday. Because there can be nothing more miserable than sore feet en vacances.

I have just about come round to the delights of Clarks (at least their cuter ranges) but have yet to be converted to other comfort over style brands.

That was, until this weekend.

My lovely friend Kate, the doyenne of comfortable feet, was in town and encouraged me into Hush Puppies. And do you know what? I was very pleasantly surprised. They have some real treats. Seriously, I do not tell a lie. In fact I bought the top pair and am now considering the sandals below them too. They could be cute, right?

And these adventures in comfort didn't stop there. Admittedly my style over comfort is still very firmly in place and I proved to myself that no matter how comfortable it is if I look like a four year old in sensible crepe soled sandals I will not be swayed. But on venturing into Ecco (not somewhere I ever thought I would admit to shopping) I realised that comfort does not always equal hideousness. Which makes me exceedingly happy because I am not ready to tip the balance. Not quite yet.
(Images via Hush Puppies, Ecco)

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