Monday, 12 March 2012

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

I am a cynical girl. I haven't yet shaken off many years of hard earned London toughness, although Bath is doing a very good job of softening me.

But I confess the idea of niceness is still one that I find saccharine and off putting. Not that being nice is in any way bad but the concept of niceness so often seems twee and uninteresting.

So when I wondered in to the lovely boutique Found in Bath I came across some fantastic clothes by unknown to me designers. One of which was a Spanish label called Nice Things. Now, to me as literal as that might be, calling a company Nice Things is like voluntary damning it with faint praise. Hmm, yeah, it's nice is hardly shouting about how great it is from the rooftops.

But I won't bore you with semantics. Because their clothes are super pretty, wearable and affordable.

And, indeed, very... well... nice.

(Images via Nice Things)

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