Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cover all Bases

I am wearing my lovely Temperley dress to my even lovelier friend Amelia's wedding in South Africa in a few weeks.

And I have almost everything that I need to go with it.

The dress is cream with an orangey red decoration on it.

I'm going to be wearing my nude suede Clarks heels and a pair of gold and coral earrings, but what of the cover up in case it is cold and the bag?

I think I have three options (and probably more if I carry on looking, but I think I will solve dilemma one to start with).


Sweet little coral coloured Hobbs cardigan and coral patent clutch.

I fear this may be too matchy matchy.


Oatmeal coloured cardigan and rust coloured scarf from Jigsaw with a cream woven clutch or gold clutch that I already own.

I think this may be my favourite option if the orange of the scarf and the orange red of the dress work together.

Or the same cardigan in a rose red, with a rose coloured scarf and heavenly rose red woven clutch, all again from Jigsaw.

Which would clash a bit but could potentially be a good clash... Maybe...?

But is probably just an excuse to buy this clutch which I LOVE.
(Images via Jigsaw)

So, fabulous fans, what do you think? One, Two or Three? Or keep looking. Please let me know in the comments. I'd be very grateful.

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