Thursday, 22 March 2012

Heads Up

It is just over a week until I will be jetting off to South Africa. Yay!

And it is going to be hot there.

And English Rose that I am I am likely to burn to a crisp within about two minutes.

So what I need is a jaunty chapeau to keep the glare from my porcelain skin.

As seems to be so often the case the main option is the trilby. I was about to go for this lovely one below from NW3 but I thought I would pop into Jigsaw on the off chance. And luck was on my side, because my fashion guardian angel whipped a few of last season's treats and a very reduced straw trilby was mine.

It is quite plain though, so I think I will find some pretty ribbon or a silk scarf to spruce it up a little.
(Images via Asos, Hobbs, River Island)

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