Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Be That as it May

I wondered into the most amazing shop the other day. It has been an exciting treasure trove since I first moved to Bath as a teenager, but I hadn't been passed for some time and I had forgotten how lovely it was.

But I decided to take a wonder and was lured in as I walked passed. The windows are absolutely laden with sparkly treats.

And seeing as my taste in jewellery definitely veers towards the lairy side these pieces got me pretty excited.

I have out grown the days of wanting to buy cheap jewellery but obviously don't have the money for the really expensive stuff. And to be honest I find very little charm in anything tastefully fashioned from diamonds or anything subtle.

So the obvious solution has to be costume jewellery.

And in Alexandra May on St Margaret's Buildings/Brock Street I have found what might quite possibly be my favourite place in the world.

These are just a tiny selection of what treats they have. My favourites are those by Askew London and Sweet Romance as shown here. Sigh! I really think I could have every single piece. This is the jewellery I have been searching for all my days.

I urge you, if you love costume jewellery and you live anywhere near Bath you have to make your way there. You will be very glad you did.

(Images via Alexandra May)

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