Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Kick the Bucket

 Alexander Wang

For as long as I have had any sense (which is as long as I can remember, ahem!) I have hated two kinds of bags. My strongest hatred has always been for the backpack. It used to be an all encompassing hatred that factored in all backpacks, particularly ones attached to tall people on the tube who forgot they were wearing them and invariably tried to used them to administer a brutal facial.


But then I got into hiking and started to understand the argument for the backpack. So then it was civvy backbacks, worn with non-technical clothes. Shudder.


But the other kind of bag that I hated never had a reprieve. The bucket bag. I used to think they were so, so ugly.

 Marc by Marc Jacobs

But now these have happened. And they are lovely.

I could even imagine myself slinging that Jaeger one over my shoulder. Which disturbs me. My strongly held beliefs are being shaken.

What will be next?

I'll start liking stone wash denim?

Or will suddenly think that Crocs look awfully comfortable and who cares that they are the ugliest most depressing thing you could put on your feet?

Seriously, if this is the way things are headed we are destined for some dark, dark days.

(Images via Net a Porter, Jaeger, Matches)

Meredith Wendell

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