Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What a Carve(n) Up!

(Via the Daily Telegraph)

Look how utterly adorable Emma Watson looks in this Carven dress.

Although, I have to say, the Carven collection is so utterly delightful I think it would be hard to look anything less than adorable in any of it.

Wouldn't you agree?

I am particularly enjoying the pouffy skirting.

Ooh, la, la!

C'est tres jolie!

(Via Net a Porter)

N'est-ce pas?!


Kate said...

quite frankly i think she looks like an earthworm

Lucinda said...

Ha, ha, ha! In the middle of digesting? I hate to say it but I can see what you mean!

But dude, you can't deny she's the prettiest earthworm around.