Thursday, 7 April 2011

What a Palazzo

(Via Asos)

So we've all gone a bit bloomin' crazy with the sunshine, huh? Myself included. I'm rocking a bright floral maxi skirt, breton stripe and a sandal today.

Woo-hoo! It's warm! Yeah!

While I was enjoying how marvellous everyone looks when they aren't bundled up in coats and scarves I saw a terrifically elegant lady in cream wide leg trousers and a blazer. Elegance personified. I used to have a lovely pair of cream corduroy trousers from Hennes that I have lived in during the summer months for the last eight years or so. But stone me if I have not the slightest idea where they might be. I rather fear they must have gone at the thigh, worn through after so many, many outings, or suffered at the hands of their drunken owner's antics with a full glass of something colourful and sticky. (You know, like a vast batch of Sangria or something similar.)

So I must source a new pair. And I rather favour these from French Connection. But they are a palazzo pant. And I am a little short and ever so slightly wide. Will they make me look like a hobbit? At least in height. I hope they wouldn't make me sprout hair from my feet and hands and start talking with a West Country accent, my loverrrrrr. Ooop.

But with a flat sandal and a long sleeved, slightly diaphanous nude shirt I think they might be rather the thing. Hmmm, yes, I rather think they would.

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